“My heart swells and I’m humbled by the testimonials noted throughout this site; from both my students and fellow yoga teachers. As equally as I have touched your lives, you have touched mine!!  In deepest gratitude…thank you for being!”  

Jill K.

IMG_20131028_165841“I have practiced yoga over the last 15 years under the guidance and teaching of many gifted, spirited and experienced teachers. Each one of them gave me more reasons to continue my practice and made me feel the wonderful benefits of yoga.

But each time I take a class from Jill, I realize the true value of her personality, her passion, her excitement, her skills, her Karma she presents each and every time. It is sooo contagious, makes me happy, feeling awesome and ready to conquer the world.

You rock, Jill!”

-Dieter Waiblinger, Founder, YogaLiveLink

photo-12“To me, Jill Knouse Yoga is just as she describes it, it is Heart Flow Vinyasa.
Jill offers intuitive hands on adjustments, to the point where she walks by me or barely puts her hands on me, my body knows where and how to relax into the posture.  Her cuing is specific enough to keep students safe, but also comes from a place of having a close relationship with her own personal practice, rather than regurgitating anatomical cues commonly heard in vinyasa classes; she speaks from the authentic place of being an avid practitioner and teacher.
Jill’s gentle voice encourages a balance between relaxation and effort.  She has a maternal, nurturing presence in the midst of a masculine, solar vinyasa practice—creates a sattvic, balanced effect.
It is nearly impossible to judge yourself or others around you in her presence; commitment to infusing care and love into the classroom atmosphere; community vibe
Jill is in tune with her own strengths and weaknesses, and isn’t afraid to share her vulnerability with her students.  She provides space for her students to respect their bodies and also heal themselves starting from the heart outward.  Jill isn’t attached to her role as “teacher”; rather, she commits to the attitude that she and the students are in this practice of yoga together; no hierarchy, NO EGO.  She is open and there is no difference between how she talks and acts when she’s teaching and when she’s out of class interacting with students.
Jill has a gift. Her offering provides a space filled with love, strength and acceptance, empowering her students to be who they really are, which is that…love, strength and acceptance.”

Gina Rodondi, Yoga Instructor

t“I’ve been taking Jill’s classes for over a year now and I feel so lucky that I found her. Jill has a unique ability to create fun sequences of poses that feel natural, challenging and invigorating. I always feel like my daily stress just melts away as soon as I walk into her class. I love how refreshed, relaxed and strong I feel every time I practice with her. I truly arrange my weekly schedule so that I can attend Jill’s classes during the week. I am addicted to Jill’s Yoga and I LOVE it!

After years of looking for a teacher that would inspire and challenge me on a daily basis, I am so happy that I finally found one.”

-Maria Milazzo

DANA-FLIER“Jill radiates the essence of yoga. She embodies breath, exudes strength and is gracious with her expertise. Practicing with Jill is like walking on air but feeling so grounded at the same time.
I feel safe with her instruction and guidance and enjoy her presence. She is an amazing individual on many levels.”

-Dana Damara, Yoga Instructor + Author

jillwilliams“Jill is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. I have had the privilege to participate in one-on-one and group classes with Jill Knouse. Jill has taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life, while continuously challenging and motivating me. She is a nurturing, patient and generous person and teacher who inspires me to explore myself and my world through yoga. No matter what the circumstances, she maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to her teaching that makes each student in her class feel as though she were speaking directly and only to them. Through her class I have learned to live with compassion for myself and others.”

-Jill Williams

600617_10201177136805028_797826366_n-1“Jill is one of the best vinyasa yoga instructors I have ever had the joy of practicing with. Not only is she challenging, but she is very in tune with the abilities of her students. My style is a mix of strength holds as well as cardio flow of which she teaches exceptionally well. She welcomes suggestions and is very good at providing step by step instruction, but not the point of boredom. She is also one of the few instructors who makes sure she knows the names of each of her students. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her yoga skills are impeccable. I do my best to attend all classes and even travel around the city to attend other classes for which she substitutes.”

-Beth Christy

“Hey Portland Yogis and Yoginis..You have asked me about who I recommend for yoga Leeroy-Allen-smilingand here she is. She teaches through out Portland so there are many times to take advantage of her knowledge. Do a drop-in class.

Knowledge + experience + Heart = Jill Knouse”

-LeeRoy Allen III

LeeRoy began his work as a student in Albuquerque, NM at the Ayurvedic Institute where he was afforded the once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to study with Dr. Vasant Lad. His education at the Ayurvedic Institute included extensive study in the power of herbs and whole foods as medicine for life’s various maladies; learning, among other things, that every herb and whole food has a Primary and Secondary benefit. He then went on to graduate from the Ayur-yoga teachers training program, developed by Dr. Lad. LeeRoy has worked at an herbal apothecary creating herbal formulas (Western and Eastern) and educating clients to allow them to make better choices regarding their personal health needs. LeeRoy is also a trained therapeutic massage therapist where he studied at Crystal Mountain School of Massage Therapy and practices various modalities including Cranial Sacral, Swedish, and Energetic Deep Tissue.

macala pic“Jill Knouse’s Elevate program has changed my life! I received my my 200 hour teacher training from India because the opportunity presented itself. Although I learned a lot about anatomy, asana and philosophy I was at a loss about what to do next. I was sure I did not want to teach.

Fast forward today I know I have to teach!!! Jill’s program is amazing. She has brought the best instructors from different lineages and styles to help us each find our own authentic voice. Although we are only halfway through, I can say this program is a life changer. Jill pushes us to grow in a way that is filled with love and nurture. I have met an incredible group of people who are in similar situations which is invaluable for growth in a supported manner. I can not recommend this program enough! Because of this program I am filled with hope and confidence for my future as a yoga instructor!”

-Macala Shon, Yoga Instructor

nasello“The cool thing about Elevate is that you don’t have to be at the same level with the other yoga teachers. In fact, most of us are along different levels of proficiency in teaching. What Elevate does is get you to take what you’re already doing, and take it to the next level.

We’ve had some really good workshops covering topics like Chakra flows, adjustments, and teaching inversions. We have continuing opportunities to teach, and it’s awesome to geek out on yoga with other yoga teachers and get into things a little more deeply than just asana.

I feel that many of the things we work on, I’m able to immediately take it into my classes and put it to use. My Saturday morning class that I’ve been teaching for the past year has typically had about 5 or 6 people in it. Over the past couple months the class size has consistently been 10-15 students. I’ll certainly attribute Elevate with allowing me to bring greater energy, confidence, and power to my class.

Jill is fantastic, and I feel that Elevate has been a great investment in me!”

-Johnny Nasello, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, TRX, RYT 200


“Jill Knouse’s Elevate Program helped give me the confidence I needed to take my teaching to the next level! Jill brought in people who are top-notch in their field of expertise on a whole variety of topics.  She also made herself available and open to feedback, ideas and requests every step of the way! Through this amazing process and the people involved, I have gained clarity and insight into my unique teaching style and how to let that shine through.  The journey continues and I feel greatly inspired, I’d recommend Elevate to anyone- no matter what level of teacher they believe themselves to be.”

-Angie Clark, 200hr RYT, Treehouse Yoga & Yoga OMazing

dsandoz“Elevate has been one of the most powerful things I’ve done for myself. It has cracked me open on so many important levels, while providing the structure and support to lovingly support me along the way. Jill’s journal assignments have been masterfully crafted and sequenced – you will find your edges, but that’s where the good stuff happens!

I had the pleasure of experiencing a one-on-one session with Jill. Haven’t met anyone as giving of themselves, their time, and their knowledge – an amazing opportunity to access all her experience in a focused, personalized setting with that special Jill style love. Having found a like-minded group of travelers on this Elevate journey has been a wonderful addition to my world.”

-Danika Sandoz, RYT 200

Susan Burns head shot“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jill as a teacher, leader and mentor. Jill places her heart and soul in everything that she does. As a Teacher, Jill leads a dynamic, powerful flow and delivers amazing assists to help her students get deeper into postures. As a Leader, Jill has developed an amazing program with Elevate. The program structure, content and support provide an environment for community and individual success. By layering in visiting teachers, Jill creates a foundation that is provocative and expansive for body and mind. As a Mentor, Jill, gets to know her Elevate Tribe and helps each one find their core essence through a balance of self-guided discovery and personal support.”

-Susan Burns, Talent Synchronicity


“Elevate has literally put me in motion persuing my dreams. The juicy information, dynamic guests, my awesome peers, the encouragement and clear direction for home study with journaling assignments and other relevant tasks all helped me create a focused path to teaching yoga to those I dream to share what I love so much.  I am launching my yoga career.  Biography – done, resume – done, storyboard for future website – done, confidence – growing, self study – everyday, and living yoga on and off the mat more and more. Thank you, Jill Knouse ~ I see the hours and hours of thought and careful preparation you’ve put in from which we have all benefited. ”

-Lauren Trank, Yoga Instructor

justin“Jill is pioneering the path for fellow yogis and instructors to help develop and discover their own journeys and it’s unprecedented. For the people who have taken a passion and don’t know exactly what’s next. For the people who have the skills, talent, and energy, but don’t know how to share their gift with the world. For the people who know what a wonderful and powerful tool yoga is but are afraid. Jill has offered her voice to help all of us express our own voices.”

-Justin Saylor, Yoga Instructor

DSC_0485There are no words to describe how exceptional Jill Knouse is as a yoga teacher. I have been trying to find the words for this review for the last 4 months….so here it goes. This past November I ventured on a journey to Mexico for one of Jill’s Yoga Retreats. I have been practicing for 7 years and have always wanted to go, in 2013 I was finally at a good spot in my life to commit to the trip. The only problem was, I had fallen out of yoga and hadn’t really practiced in about 1 year. I had been missing my yoga practice, but whenever I went it just wasn’t the same, there was no connection and I felt broken. There are many situations in my life that transpired and led to this “rock bottom” yoga state, one of which was a extremely painful foot injury another was a divorce. One day it occurred to me that I should still go on the retreat, if a week in Mexico with Jill couldn’t fix my relationship with yoga then nothing could. After months of anticipation I arrived at the yoga retreat and began the journey back into my practice. The first couple days were rough and it still felt forced, however something clicked around the middle of the week. Jills classes were so filled with her own heart and passion, I started to find my passion for yoga again through her carefully crafted and passionate classes. I really believe Jill gives everything to each of her classes and to her students (I don’t know how she does it)! Everything from the carefully selected sequences to the perfected playlists create an experience where you feel loved and supported. In that type of environment you can relax into your practice and truly find yourself. Without Jill I I would likely still be struggling to find myself again, my passion for yoga and my happiness. Jill saved me in a way, she gave me back my love for yoga and I cannot thank her enough for that. I highly recommend Jill’s yoga retreats, classes and any other services provided. Portland is lucky to have Jill in it’s yoga community!

– Trisha Bennett