what is your life trying to do through you?


Yoga teacher training calls to each of us for such beautifully varied reasons. 

When Lucy committed to Elevate Yoga Trainings she expressed that she didn’t necessarily want to teach yoga but she craved more knowledge and understanding around the practice she loved so much! Lucy graduated in December and has already registered with the Yoga Alliance so she can begin to share all that she’s learned with others!
Julie was entering a new phase in her life after raising a family. She felt ready to dive into her own passions and pursuits while at the same time she longed to discover HER unique way of serving others through the healing practices of yoga. 
Pablo entered yoga teacher training believing he wanted to teach in public studios around Portland. During our months of learning and self-exploration, he discovered that he was passionate about bringing yoga to those who might otherwise never get to experience the practice. A path was illuminated for “Pabs” that would lead to sharing yoga and meditation with minorities, low-income families, people in prisons and/or recovery facilities. He has now founded Ahimsa Movement.
As a student at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Julia knew yoga would be a beautiful and complementary component when treating her patients.  She continues her studies at OCOM and also teaches at Yoga NW.
Michael P is on a path that integrates yoga, Ayurvedic wellness and other therapies.  He has established his offerings as YogaDoshic!

The pull to teach was strong and so clear for Tracey so she wasted no time at all.  Since the day she graduated, she’s been out in the community sharing the healing practices of Yin Yoga with local corporations and yoga studios.  You can find her public classes on the weekly schedule at Exhale Yoga Sanctuary.
Courtney was already successfully teaching fitness classes.  She’s had a long-time, dedicated personal yoga practice that helps support all of the other physical activities she is engaged in. But, she really resonates with how yoga has helped calm and focus her mind while settling her soul. This is the most powerful piece and a primary driver to why she is so devoted to her practice and why she now shares these benefits with others. Find Courtney on the weekly schedule at LA Fitness in the Pearl District!
Kimy was already teaching yoga around town when she enrolled in Elevate trainings but she was compelled to explore the depth of our comprehensive curriculum, the varied presenters, plus the overall collaborative community that is created here.  Teresa, Stephanie, Rikki and Michael Rwere also already graduates of other teacher training programs but wanted to reconnect with themselves as teachers, deepen specific skills and knowledge, connect with other like-minded individuals, fill the gaps, delve into their purpose and rediscover forgotten layers of themselves. 
Christina, Tim, Amy, Melanie, Erin, Meegan, Patty, Christopher…they all felt called to this path of self-discovery, of service, of wholeheartedness.  And, they are all living the practice of yoga by being in a space of observation, healing the body, the mind, the soul and seeking ways of offering that healing back to the world. 
It’s really awesome. They are really awesome.

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Elevate Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training has proven to support aspiring teachers on their journey to sharing these practices in unique and powerful ways…in YOUR unique and powerful ways.  It has proven to help clarify the trajectory of our lives and illuminate paths we didn’t even know were there.  It has proven time and time again to be a safe place where we might explore ourselves more deeply, a home to learn and to grow in, and an accepting community to accomplish that all WITH. 

It happens by being in the questions.
It happens because we are seeking and remaining open to hearing the answers of the heart.

What is your life attempting to do through you?
If profoundly deepening your personal practice calls to you…join us.  

If powerfully sharing the healing benefits of yoga with others, is tuggin’ on your heart strings…join us.

If significantly expanding your community is what your soul is craving…COME ON! 
We got you.

If connecting with others in a safe place of inquiry – while cultivating a greater sense of purpose –  intrigues you AT ALL…then what are you waiting for?  

I welcome you to sign up for a time to chat with me directly about all that
Elevate Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training IS, as well as, all that it is NOT.  
We truly look to align our offering with just the right seekers!

Use THIS LINK to schedule time with me. 

Sign-ups for Fall 2017 have begun. Space is limited to maintain intimacy.

All the details are on OUR SITE.  We ROLL September 13th through December 3rd!

Will you be rollin’ with us? 

Elevate was born straight from my heart and soul.  

It has become a living, breathing home for all of us.  
It’s been built on a safe and steady foundation, with walls that listen and hear, mirrors that reflect beauty, light and truth, a beating heart that trusts and can be trusted, plus a roof that blankets with radical acceptance.

Elevate is connection.  
It is love.  
It is education.  
It is spirituality.  
It is transformation.  
It is acceptance.  
It is encouraging.  
It is challenging.  
It is coaching.  

It is collaboration.  

It takes a VILLAGE.  

And, we are grateful to be in community together.  

Elevate also strives to unite the local yoga community of studios and teachers. 

During our training, in order to broaden your exposure (to various traditions, styles, teachers and studios), as well as, encourage YOU to step out of your comfort zone and further gain clarity on who you are as a person AND as a teacher, you will receive deeply discounted rates at many of the very best studios in Portland including:

Yoga Pearl
Namaste on Williams
Grinning Yogi
Sellwood Yoga
Yoga Bhoga
Love Hive
Near East Yoga
Yoga Refuge
Yoga on Yamhill (well – it’s donation only!)

10 Signs YOU are Ready for Yoga Teacher Training:

10.  You love serving and empowering others.
9.  You love being a part of the healing process.
8.  You practice daily.  Sometimes even daily-doubles!
7.  You’re a yogavangelist.  
6.  You’re pretty damn certain that yoga is the answer to all of the world’s problems.  
5.  You love to learn and geek out on anything yoga-related.
4.  You eat, breathe and sleep all things yoga.
3.  You want more friends.  :)  
2.  You are being CALLED. You feel the PULL!
1.  You have the desire to do work that truly MATTERS to you.

Oh and number ELEVEN…you are committed to this life-long process of self-discovery.