Tulum 2019 Winter Yoga Adventure

January  25-31, 2019

Life is happening all around us and it’s happening FAST! 

What if you could hit the pause button?

What if you could sloooooow time? 

That’s what retreat feels like.

Withdraw from all that is normal and habitual.  Watch the beauty that unfolds.  The repetitive nature of our thoughts, our patterns, our behaviors and our actions ultimately create our reality. Often we are unconsciously ‘going through the motions’ that we forget to recognize if we are, in fact, creating the life we truly dream of living. Retreating provides a beautiful opportunity to hit the proverbial pause button, to reflect on all that is present in our lives, to assess what continues to serve us, and alternatively to understand what no longer serves us.  When we are aware, we are then equipped to take action from an intentional, empowered place of truth. 

Andrea Johnson Photography


When we get quiet, we get clear. 

When we get quiet, we can hear.  


Each year our retreat groups bring their own unique and individual energies.  I feel so grateful to continue to attract such amazing human beings.  It’s the collective that makes the experience so powerful. 

Last year we sold out in just a couple months so please don’t wait to reserve your spot(s)!  Pre-registration started and we are already 1/3 of the way SOLD.  First come first-served on rooms.  Deposit to secure your spot can be done below.

Balance is KEY to this “process” (it’s the fun kinda process) of unplugging and resetting. On the shores of the Riviera Maya, between the glistening waters of the ocean and the lush vegetation of the jungle, we will encourage this balance through yoga, adventure, quiet time, together time and lots of PLAY time.  There will be plenty of vinyasa flow for your yang, a bit of yin to balance it out and soothe sore muscles — maybe even some vin-yin to mix it up.  We’ll get quiet. We’ll sometimes get loud! We’ll practice. We’ll dance! We’ll swim in the ocean. We’ll walk the beautiful beaches.  We’ll explore cultural ruins and fresh water swimming holes — Cenotes.  We’ll eat WELL.  We’ll just BE.  

In stepping out of our normalcies, we will create space for something new to be born. We will clear the clutter in our minds and our bodies. We will be in the breath, we will be at play in nature and we will be in the moment. Peace can only be found in the present moment. And, peace comes when we trade expectations for acceptance and loving what is.  All that is.

Join us as we discover this incredible place and more importantly…rediscover ourSELVES.

Amansala Resort offers spacious yoga facilities, beautiful accommodations at their beach front location in Tulum, fresh, delicious food, rejuvenating spa treatments, and adventurous tours into nature and local culture, creating the perfect space for introspection, revival, and connection with the earth and community. 

Experience the beauty of Amansala on the Riviera Maya.

It really is as extraordinary as it sounds.

Choose to enjoy a variety of amazing adventures including tours of surrounding Mayan Ruins, refreshing dips into Cenotes or fresh water swimming holes, bike tours through Tulum, and so much more…Or sloooooow down, and indulge in a massage or Mayan Clay ritual or simply relax on the white sands of the beautiful ocean. 

Check out Amansala!

What’s Included: 

6 Nights Lodging

Beautiful Accomodations

Daily meals – fresh, delicious, catered to your needs (except one dinner, lots of local, off-site options)

Daily yoga, often twice daily (a healthy mix if vinyasa and yin)

Tax + Tip (approx 13% + $12/day per person)


What’s Not Included:

Airfare (fly into Cancun Intl Airport)

Cost of airport transfer (approx $100 RT)

If you want Wifi in your room (we don’t suggest it!) $25 added cost

Alcoholic Beverages

Optional Excursions or Spa Treatments

View Room Options HERE!  

Prices Range Per Person:

$1,910 – $3,100

(depends on room choice)

Deluxe Beachfront Private

Deluxe Beachfront Shared (Double Occupancy)

Beach View Private

Beach View Shared (Double Occupancy)

Semi Sea View Private

Semi Sea View Shared (Double Occupancy)

Small Garden Private

Small Garden Shared (Double Occupancy)

Triple Occupancy

Based on availability, we will match you with the best room we possibly can according to your needs and desires!  

Pre-registration has begun.  We are already 1/3 of the way to capacity.

Secure your spot NOW by making a non-refundable deposit of  $500. 

Please indicate top room choices and if you are:

a)  flying solo,

b)  will have roomies traveling with you or

c)  if we can match you with a roommate(s)!

Spots fill up quickly but DON’T WORRY – we’ll work to get the perfect room for you! 

If you were on the 2018 Xinalani Retreat, as you know…sign up before February 15th and get $100 cash gift toward this retreat adventure!

$500.00 Deposit HOLDS your spot

Cancellation Policy

A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Final payment is due 90 days prior to the retreat’s start date. Refunds – less deposit – are available 45 days prior to the retreat. Cancellations WITHIN 45 days of retreat will not receive a refund. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, inclement weather, etc.) but we have costs already incurred when reserving retreat centers and hotels.

To be safe, we highly recommend travel insurance.


Delve into your practice more deeply than ever before. We will rise to Salute the Sun and the sea each day with a vigorous, creative and powerful vinyasa practice married with dynamic music. Enjoy the moving meditation that ensues. We will end the day with a practice that soothes the soul, massage the muscles from the inside out and breathes life into our bodies right where we need it.


Jill Knouse Yoga.

About Jill…

Over thirteen years ago, Jill Knouse left the corporate world behind to pursue her love of yoga full-time.  She is passionate about sharing the beauty of Vinyasa Yoga and building loving, powerful community. Jill creates powerful and flowing sequences, linked together by breath and great intention. Her mindful teaching style naturally leads students to a state of strength, balance, flexibility and overall well being. While Jill’s classes may be challenging, she does her best to make them accessible to everyone.  Jill strives to support her students in cultivating a devoted practice infused with immense joy.


A few testimonials noted below…

“It may sound trite to say that Jill’s yoga retreat changed me, but it did (so I am saying it anyway). I came to Prana del Mar to get away from the stresses of life (probably why most people decide to go on a retreat) and  I left feeling energized, recharged and ready to take on anything.

I signed up for Jill’s retreat having never taken a class from her previously. After the first day’s practice, I knew that the week was going to be amazing. Jill’s loving and caring personality coupled with her heart opening practices and vibrant energy makes for an ideal leader to take you on your yoga retreat journey.”

Ali Zarrow, Founder of Clearly Kombucha

“Heading off to my first ever yoga retreat I felt some anxiety and worry.  I was flying off to spend a week with a lot of strangers doing more yoga than I had ever done.  From the moment I saw Jill’s supportive and loving smile I knew I had made the right decision in coming to her Prana del Mar yoga retreat.  Jill is a master at creating a warm, inclusive, supported and loving environment.  Her laugh is genuine and contagious.  Her yoga is challenging and empowering.  I learned more than I ever could have imagined, I feel stronger physically and emotionally, and I met some wonderful new friends!  I can’t wait for the next one…”

-Mara Mackie

“There are no words to describe how exceptional Jill Knouse is as a yoga teacher. I have been trying to find the words for this review for the last 4 months….so here it goes. This past November I ventured on a journey to Mexico for one of Jill’s Yoga Retreats. I have been practicing for 7 years and have always wanted to go, in 2013 I was finally at a good spot in my life to commit to the trip. The only problem was, I had fallen out of yoga and hadn’t really practiced in about 1 year. I had been missing my yoga practice, but whenever I went it just wasn’t the same, there was no connection and I felt broken. There are many situations in my life that transpired and led to this “rock bottom” yoga state, one of which was a extremely painful foot injury another was a divorce. One day it occurred to me that I should still go on the retreat, if a week in Mexico with Jill couldn’t fix my relationship with yoga then nothing could. After months of anticipation I arrived at the yoga retreat and began the journey back into my practice. The first couple days were rough and it still felt forced, however something clicked around the middle of the week. Jills classes were so filled with her own heart and passion, I started to find my passion for yoga again through her carefully crafted and passionate classes. I really believe Jill gives everything to each of her classes and to her students (I don’t know how she does it)! Everything from the carefully selected sequences to the perfected playlists create an experience where you feel loved and supported. In that type of environment you can relax into your practice and truly find yourself. Without Jill I I would likely still be struggling to find myself again, my passion for yoga and my happiness. Jill saved me in a way, she gave me back my love for yoga and I cannot thank her enough for that. I highly recommend Jill’s yoga retreats, classes and any other services provided. Portland is lucky to have Jill in it’s yoga community!” 

-Trisha Bowman

Trisha is joining this crew in Tulum and it’s her 4th retreat with us!

We love you, Trisha!


Will you join us in paradise? 

Reserve your spot NOW!