Truly falling into the flow…

Truly falling into the flow…


The ground feels as though it is pulsing, breathing, conversing.

We just returned from a couple of days at the beach and as I stood barefoot in the sand, I could feel a surge of energy through my feet into my body, as if the earth were communicating something truly profound. Oh the insights, if only I could trust my intuition, my interpretation of what Mother Earth might be saying- to ME!

Even the scattered sand dollars seemed to be sharing in their brokenness on the beach,

“Oh, to be whole again!”


And, that determined red slug that wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to practice. I attempted to move him off into the bushes only to find him working his way diligently back toward and then ONTO my yoga mat with me.

snail1  snail2

What does it all mean?

I felt, for a moment, like that double rainbow guy. But, only for a moment!

Like a dense and humid day when the air can not only be seen, but also felt, as it moves in and overly expands the lungs. I’m breathing transition in and out. Not just mine. Change fills the air like a heavy marine layer.

Do you feel it too?

And, contrary to what I’ve read and talked about recently in my classes- the idea that autumn and even the recent new moon is associated with solid Earth and Muladhara or the root chakra, all grounding, centering, balancing forces- honestly, the ground feels wobbly, new, and even turbulent beneath me.

The image of a child taking her first steps comes to mind. As soon as I see this image, it becomes a little clearer.

My interpretation is that nature is constantly sending beautiful reminders…

-of time

-of impermanence

-of the power of the present moment when we pay attention, and

-of always having the precious opportunity to create great shifts in our lives simply by choosing to do so.

We watch.

We see.

We listen.

We hear.

We try.

We learn.

We let go.

We transform.

Personally, I’m doing my best to let go and to welcome new beginnings.

As challenging as it is to create new, more powerful patterns, I’m working to develop healthier ways of seeing myself, others, and life. I’m choosing to let go of old behaviors and beliefs, even relationships, that no longer serve me.

Gaining this new footing, I step…or more accurately…I STOMP on the earth to ground and to feel her support me.

I know her properties to be true.

I trust them.

I move forward wobbly, new, and changed.

Onward, simply continuing my journey to being whole again.