To travel is to take a journey into yourself…

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”

-Danny Kay


This past Saturday morning, I taught my last yoga class for three whole weeks.

I’ve been talking about this adventure, in great anticipation, for a while now. If you’ve been to my classes, read the last few newsletters of followed me on social media, you’re likely bored by the topic (and I apologize) but I was just unable to temper my excitement.

You could say this trip has been forty-five years in the making.

And, we finally set sail!


My husband and I very intentionally carved out this time to unplug, recharge, simplify, immerse ourselves in nature and disconnect from our day-to-day routines.

We’re just a handful of days into our travels and I already have to stop to think about what day it is. It is Friday, isn’t it?!

Honestly, it has taken a bit to surrender and let go.

But with each day, I feel us melting into the experience just a bit more. We’re rising with sun and falling into bed as the darkness pours over the campgrounds. We’re loving the mindfulness that comes with limits and simplicity: limited or no cell service, wi-fi, power, ever showers.


We work a little when we can and play when we can’t,
which happens to be MOST Of THE TIME!We are in complete heaven.Take a journey into yourself. 

Getting quiet, stepping away from the normal patterns and rhythms of our busy lives, connecting instead with the normal patterns and rhythms of nature has quickly highlighted the incredible blessings in my life.  

So today, my newsletter is my own personal Gratitude Project!

Here goes…

I’m deeply grateful for this man who makes all of my experiences profoundly BETTER!
I’m grateful for Maggie Mae. I have had very few adventures in the last twelve years without her right by my side!
I’m grateful to have known and loved Dexter aka Degdah.
This awesome creature was only with us for a brief four and a half years.
He came in with a bang and went out the same way.
He is forever imprinted on our hearts.
And, we got to celebrate him again this week by spreading more of his ashes at one of his favorite places to romp.
We love you buddy. Always.
I’m grateful for our 1984 Cheiftain Winnebago, more commonly referred to as, Shorty.
Our trusted home-on-wheels. Giant thanks to my Dad and Chris for turning her over
to us at such a bargain price!
I’m so grateful for our morning run that was guided by the river’s edge, while osprey flew overhead patrolling the waterways.  Straying from the river we climbed a hill to find a meadow with – my absolute favorite – red-glowing Ponderosa Pine trees as far as the eye could see in one direction and a vista with a perfectly tree-framed view of Mt Jefferson in the other.  The sound of the Metolius echoing up from the canyon below.
river:run    river
I’m grateful for the dark lines under our toe and finger nails,
a clear reminder of good times in the dirt camping in Crater
Lake National Park.
I’m grateful for our campground centerpieces that also led to and epic game of pinecone baseball.
I’m grateful to have time to blow bubbles, play solitaire and color with crayons.
I’m grateful for our bike ride in the rain and thunder after deciding we wanted to let someone else do the cooking last night.
I’m grateful for big trees and the ability to meander beneath them.
I’m so grateful for dandelions.
I’m grateful that tomorrow I will see my Momma.
I’m grateful that after just a handful of days of travel, we’re actually starting to exhale.
Don’t wait.
Step outside, get quiet and listen to the trees breathe.
Then ponder all that you’re grateful for.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Feels so damn good.