August 4th-5th, 2018

The Sisterhood Retreat


Banks, Oregon

Join Jill Knouse and Tracey Coleman for this opportunity to slooooooooow time.

This event SOLD OUT very quickly!

We are thrilled to be a part of a community like you all, who are ready for events just like this.  We sold out in a couple of days!  Fret not, we will be offering much more of this goodness.  Hop on our mailing list to be sure you get info on all of our retreats. More fun events like this are always in our sights!

Let’s breathe a little more deeply. 
Walk a little more slowly. 
Take in the sights, smells, sounds of the surrounding nature. 
Recede from normal life that tends to swirl rapidly about us and find a little stillness from the inside out. 
Come back to center!


We will… 

Eat the very best, healthy, delicious food. 
Practice vinyasa and yin yoga under the swaying Doug Fir trees.
Wander, play, nap, receive healing treatments onsite – massage, acupuncture, reiki.
Connect with each other AND disconnect from all the noise.

Keep it simple.

That’s exactly what we will fervently hold space for. 
Let it be short + the very sweetest. Just a little over twenty-four of the most transformative hours we can possibly create. Even you mommas can pull that off! 

Only 35 minutes outside of Portland, in the foothills of the coastal range, at the beautiful, SOUL-FULL Heaven and Earth Retreats with our dear friend…host, loving chef and founder, Ruthanne Adams.

At Heaven & Earth Retreats, you will find creative indoor and outdoor spaces mindfully designed for magical connection and community, or the solitude you might be seeking.

 Feel at home, pampered, and relaxed in this intimate, country setting.

Outdoor amenities include a hot tub, two in-ground fire pits, 3 table top fire settings, multiple outdoor seating areas and reading nooks, meditative gardens, walking paths, horseshoes, sand volleyball and a soccer net on an expansive grass field. Bird watching, small wildlife, and the occasional deer add to the idyllic charm of the property.

There are two outdoor yoga spaces. The west facing 900 square foot yoga deck, as well as the 900 square foot restored yoga barn. Blankets, blocks and meditation cushions provided. Please bring your own yoga mat.


Between Sat + Sun enjoy THREE heart-centered, intentional yoga experiences taught by Jill Knouse and Tracey Coleman: vinyasa, yin and vin yin

Jill + Tracey will each offer hands-on assists during class + reiki. Essential oils incorporated for max deliciousness!

All meals + beverages are included, including wine with dinner and around the post-dinner fire pit – YES, of course there will be S’Mores too!

There are lots of things to do and NOT do — maybe you’ll simply just sit still for once! What a concept!?
Or, wander the property, take a nature hike, soak in the hot tub, play games, read books (there are endless nooks and outdoor seating areas to enjoy). 


We are offering two lodging options — again keeping it very simple — grab one of the limited in-house rooms or BYOTent! 


That’s right we will be popping tents and settling ourselves right onto the earth. Don’t worry, your sisters will help you set up your transportable, overnight home!

Don’t have a tent but wanna camp?

Let us know. We’ll see what we can do to help!

Price: $250


All in-lodge accommodations will be shared with other sisters.  Beautiful, extremely comfortable, semi-private.  Often described as little, lovely cocoons.

Price: $350


*additional charge and worth every single penny*

We’re bringing our HEALERS along for the ride!
During down-time between lunch and our second yoga session on Saturday
The amazing Emilie Cross will be onsite offering 30 min massages. 
And, healer + another incredible human, Devin Manning, will offer acupuncture and her own special magic!




9:30am Arrive

Banks, OR (about 35 minutes outside of Portland)

9:30am-10am SNACKS

Pre-yoga yummy light snacks, tea, coffee

10am-11:30 YOGA

Vinyasa Yoga beneath the Doug Firs with Jill Knouse

Hands-on Lovin’ by both Jill and Tracey xoxo

12pm-1pm LUNCH

Delicious, healthy lunch made with intention and love by Ruthanne Adams

1pm-5:30pm Free Time

Options Include Any Combo Of These:

Nature Hike

Wander the Property

Hot Tub

Find a nook and relax with a good book

Volleyball?  Other games?


Connect with your “sisters”

Do absolutely nothing

Snacks Available Throughout the Day


**Sign Up for Sisterhood Healing**

*30 min Massage with the amazing Emilie Cross

*30 min Acupuncture with the incredible Devin Manning

*additional charges onsite for treatments, sign-up sheet will be made available and details to follow — first come first served!  

5:45pm-7pm YOGA

Yin Yoga+ Reiki beneath the Doug Firs or in the Yoga Barn with Tracey Coleman

Hands-on Lovin’ by both Tracey and Jill xoxo

7:15pm-8:15pm DINNER

Fabulously prepared, organic, good-for-the-soul food by Ruthanne!  

There will be WINE should you choose to enjoy or plenty of other non-alcoholic bevies.

After dinner fire pit for story-telling, laughter, singing?  Definitely S’MORES!

Make your way to your room/tent and sweet dreams under the stars.  



Rise with the sun

Pre-yoga yummy light snacks, tea, coffee

8:30am-10am YOGA

VinYin Yoga + Reiki + Hands-On LOVE with Tracey and Jill

A combination of Vinyasa and Yin Co-Lead by these Sister-Friends!

10:30am-12:00pm BRUNCH

Post-Yoga we will enjoy a leisurely delicious brunch together.

1:00pm CHECK-OUT


Meet the Team


Jill Knouse

Jill Knouse

In 2005, Jill left the corporate world behind to pursue her love of yoga full-time. She is passionate about sharing the beauty of Vinyasa Yoga. Jill joyfully creates powerful and flowing sequences, linked together by breath and great intention. Her mindful teaching style naturally leads students to a state of strength, balance, flexibility and overall well-being. While Jill’s classes may be challenging, she makes them accessible to everyone. She strives to support her students in cultivating a devoted practice infused with immense joy.

Jill has completed and led numerous teacher trainings. In 2012, she created and successfully launched Elevate Yoga Trainings, a mentorship program for yoga teachers looking to refine their teaching and dramatically deepen their knowledge base. In 2015, Jill launched her own 200-Hour Teacher Training Program.  She is dedicated to helping students and teachers discover what makes them feel truly alive. As a massage therapist, anatomy, safe alignment and supportive, encouraging hands-on assists are a huge part of her classes.  In addition to her trainings, Jill currently teaches yoga events and workshops, she offers private sessions, yoga for large and mid-sized corporations and holds weekly classes at Yoga Pearl and Namaste on Williams in Portland, OR.  She participates in conferences and festivals plus leads group yoga adventures somewhere around the globe as often as possible! Jill’s enthusiasm, intuition and inspiration pour from her heart and into every one of her classes and trainings.

Tracey Coleman

One of Tracey’s favorite quotes is by Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.” This is what teaching yoga feels like to her.

Tracey uses a hands-on approach to teaching, and utilizes her Reiki training to help students find calmness in their body and mind during their practice. 

She did her yoga training through Elevate with Jill Knouse, and has studied with Paul and Suzee Grilley, Sarasvati Hewitt, Chris Calarco and Paul Terrell. In addition to her yoga certification, she is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a level 2 Reiki practitioner; and is currently working on her TIBS (Trauma-Informed, Brain-Sensitive) certificate.

Ruthanne Adams

As a mom and nurse,  Ruthanne fused two perfect worlds together when she created Heaven and Earth Retreats. She realized her vision to provide a heart-centered, safe space for pause and breath.

She is passionate about the essential role food plays on our entire being. Her 20 year transformational journey has been immensely fulfilling. Dismantling the myths and misinformation surrounding optimally fueling our bodies and brains. Her battery is most charged when her whole food, nutrient dense creations light up others hearts.

It is her hope that Heaven and Earth Retreats helps guide your path towards a healthy and inspired life.

Ruthanne will be our host at Heaven and Earth, there to nurture and nourish us through her love and masterful food creations. She created Heaven and Earth retreats out of her own personal experiences of awakening. Ruthanne knows that everything we need is within, if you we slow down, listen to the quiet beauty in each of us.

Devin Manning

Devin received her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the top school in the nation. She began her journey into holistic healing with a fascination of the human form and respect for the elegant design of our bodies. Her passion to deepen her understanding and knowledge of Chinese medicine is revealed in each treatment with exemplary clinical skills and a commitment to personalized patient care. She combines the synergy of several energetic healing modalities, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, essential oils, flower essences and tuning forks.
She also utilizes gua sha, cupping, moxibustion and micro positional tuina. Her specialties include: Pain Management, Women’s Health, Mental-Emotional Balance, Allergies, and Digestive issues, with a strong emphasis on prevention and patient education. It is her honor to guide each individual towards optimal wellness for a happy and healthy life.

Emilie Cross

Emilie believes that massage is an art form and is continually trying to perfect it. She studied in Los Angeles, CA at the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing as well as the renown California Healing Arts College. Early in her career she was awarded Best Massage of L.A. in Allure Magazine. This was for her main technique which is a fusion of highly intuitive Swedish and deep tissue with a blend of shiatsu and Esalen style massage. She has also studied lomi lomi, trigger point, reiki, oscillation therapy, and prenatal massage.
Her decade of experience was in a top end resort style spa in Santa Monica, CA. It was there she worked with a multitude of clientele from celebrities, professional athletes, moms to be, and everything in between. She learned to tailor each massage to the individual and developed as a patient compassionate listener while maintaining beauty and grace with the flow of massage. She will offer suggestions on exercises to improve postural alignment both in your personal and/or business life. She believes in the deep connection of the mind, body and spirit to understanding and achieving lasting results. Each session includes: hot stones, hot towels, warmed neck pillow, aromatherapy, top of the line massage bedding and oils.
She is incredibly grateful for having found a deep love of yoga which has helped her overcome her own chronic pain issues and has helped build a strong physical and spiritual foundation. When she is not massaging or doing yoga she likes to indulge in other creative pursuits like cooking, painting, hiking or curling up with a great book.

You CAN have it all. 

A sanctuary for rejuvenation at every level.

Along side your sisters. 

We truly hope you’ll join. This is special to us. 

Tracey, Jill, Ruthanne, Devin & Emilie