Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do…

Living Yoga’s 5th Annual Yogathon is officially kicking off NOW!

But, fundraising efforts have already begun. And, Team ELEVATE is leading the charge (at the moment!) having raised $1,620. The Muddy Lotuses are in close second with a total raised of $1,390. And, our amazing team member, my dear friend and Living Yoga board member, Kelly Blunt, is the top individual fundraiser! Goooooo, Kelly!

PLEASE join our efforts by donating or by JOINING OUR TEAM. We would love to have you raising money right along side us and it’s so easy to join. We are currently 15 strong!

Please keep reading…this is really important work.


I’m honored to have been chosen as an ambassador for this year’s Yogathon. If you are not familiar with Living Yoga and how the organization truly changes lives, please take a few short moments of your day to watch this video about Crystal.

I am deeply moved by the impact Living Yoga has on the lives of people like Crystal and also my friend Troy Mitchell who I got to know through fundraising efforts over the past couple of years. Troy’s story is so powerful and he recently shared that he is now “finally” a senior in college, studying criminology at Portland State University. Living Yoga offers reform through yoga.

This amazing non-profit has two main sources for raising money in order to maintain their efforts teaching yoga as a tool for personal change in prisons+drug and alcohol centers. The Yogathon is one of them. For the month of April, I am dedicating my practice to POTENTIAL. I’m dedicating my practice to HOPE. I’m dedicating my practice to the fact that we are not our pasts…that we are powerful  beyond measure and when we come together, when we unite and support each other, when we FEEL that others believe in us, we are empowered to believe in ourselves and can then DO ANYTHING we set our minds to.

All of the classes I teach in April, all of the classes I take in April will hold this dedication and intention.

I invite you to join us in any way that you can…holding the above intention with me, donating on my behalf to Living Yoga, OR JOIN OUR team, “Team ELEVATE” to raise money WITH US! Last year our Team Elevate raised nearly $4300 and came in a close second place for funds raised during the Yogathon. We hope to blow that number out of the water this year!

Once more, here’s the link to donate:

And lastly, I’m very excited to be guiding the final Yogathon class accompanied by live music at the closing ceremonies this year in my 2nd home, studio Define. I hope to see you there on May 2nd! More details will follow.


In deep gratitude,