How Elevate was born…

Over two years ago,

I hosted the first Elevate Yoga community event.


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My hope for this particular evening was to inspire open conversation about what was working for yoga teachers and also what was not; to hear the needs, desires, dreams of our peer group and to share mine.


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Along with 40 incredible instructors, I invited author, fellow teacher and friend, Jay Fields to this event. Jay had recently published her first book, “Teaching People not Poses,” so she graciously shared a book reading, as well as, contributing honestly and openly to the group discussion with real, heartfelt stories.

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  Also in attendance as a presenter was the beautiful and talented Bibi McGill. Bibi is a heart-centered yoga instructor, an uber-successful musician and an extremely inspiring human being. She shared with us stories of her victories + her challenges as both a teacher and a musician.

I’m so grateful to have had both Bibi and Jay with us that evening.


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It was an incredibly powerful night. And, the information that I collected from every teacher became the foundational building blocks for Elevate Yoga Trainings, a program I wish I had as I began my journey as a yoga teacher.

We have graduated three groups of teachers from the program since its launch in January of 2013 and here’s what alumni have to say about their experiences.


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Over the years, I’ve invited local educators who are deeply passionate about their teachings to join Elevate Yoga Trainings. I’ve been blessed to include Casey Palmer of Near East Ashtanga Yoga School, Matt Nelson, Chris Calarco, Lisa Blood, Sweethome Teacup, Allison Duckworth, Chia Rafelson, Rocky Heron, Lara Gratsinopoulos, Kailash Chander, Johnny Nasello and Shanti Hodges. Not-so-local presenters included our friend David Romanelli- aka Yeah Dave!- from New York City, John Salisbury, who has come out multiple times from Phoenix, AZ and of course, Jay Fields, who now resides in Ojai, CA.

We’ve also been featured by Steve Rosenfield’s What I Be Project.

So, what is Elevate?













…and SO much more.

It is a home where you are encouraged to cultivate your unique & powerful voice.

It is a means for connecting deeply with your purpose.

It is a place to immerse yourself in…


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– the sutras

– history + philosophy

– myths of the asanas

– business of yoga

– anatomy + physiology

– sanskrit

– kirtan

– asana sequencing

– hands-on assists

– subtle body anatomy

It is the next step.

There are currently 45 teachers on the interest list for the next Elevate Yoga Trainings. We will only be able to accept a maximum of 20 for the winter session which begins March 2015.

If you are a yoga teacher and are ready to dramatically up-level your teaching, opt-in here for more information. Please share with other yoga teachers you know who might be interested. In the next two weeks, I will be reaching out to those on the opt-in list and setting up one-on-one meetings to discuss the program, as well as, the application process in greater detail. I want you to have all of your questions answered!

One WORD. Elevate.


Not a yoga teacher? But, interested in deepening your personal practice?

Interested in learning more about these potent topics?

Just let us know!

Elevate Yoga for YOU is coming Spirng 2015


love + deep gratitude- jill