Elevate Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program

The power is in the collective.

“If you want to go fast go alone.  If you want to go far go together.” – African Proverb

Our teachers include a group of highly curated, passionate, uber-experienced and service-minded souls.

Elevate Yoga Trainings since 2012

Through Elevate Yoga Trainings, we are deeply committed to supporting those who are beginning their journey toward teaching yoga. We support brand new teachers and also those who have been out there teaching for some time, are seeking a home, a place for community, inspiration and further education.

We are excited to be revamping the structure and schedule of our programs to be even better than we’ve ever been before. We are building immersion style trainings, retreat trainings and more.

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Teach from your heart.
Have the greatest impact possible…NOW.
Join this powerful and supportive community.
Together we make a difference.



“Elevate. Each day live to elevate yourself. Each day elevate another.
Make elevation your religion and you shall reach infinity.”

– Yogi Bhajan

 Here we ELEVATE each other.


Hear From Our Graduates
Elevate is a powerful collective of passionate hearts and souls.  We won’t hold back and we ask that YOU don’t either.   Join us.

During Elevate Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training we will….

  • Learn to confidently share the powerful tools of yoga with others from a place of your own unique and inner wisdom.
  • Explore the historical depth + ancient philosophies of yoga. Learn how to bridge these with our modern day world.
  • Understand embodied, integrative, energetic anatomy (mouthful!).  We focus on the physical body and the subtle body from an experiential, FELT sense. We highly value being in inquiry and exploration.
  • Understand how to create powerful story through the sequencing of asana, integrating pranayama, mudra, philosophy, deities, and other transformational themes intended to inspire students, to provoke further exploration, to encourage continued self-study practices.
  • Design a LIFE, perhaps even a sustainable business, for yourself that incorporates the limbs of yoga so that your play, your work, your family, ALL that you ARE feels whole and on a continuous path of greater overall integration.
  • Enjoy a safe place to engage in pertinent, relevant, dynamic conversation about controversial topics in the yoga world today.
  • Deepen your personal practice through exploration and study.
Topics Include:
The Art of Teaching
History of Yoga
Philosophy of Yoga and How to Bridge these Ideas with our Modern Day Lifestyles
Anatomy + Physiology of Yoga
For the Love of the Sequence
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & The 8 Limbed Path
The Art of Intuitive Assists
The Beauty of the Subtle Body
Elevate your VOICE!
Weekly Asana Labs
Elevate your Yoga Business
Soooo much more….

Our deepest intention is that you graduate teaching straight from your heart,

from your life experiences in your unique and beautiful way.

We explore where your passions, your unique gifts and your cultivated skills come together.

Because, THIS is where the magic happens.


Looking to start your own yoga business?
Elevate will get you headed in the right direction!