“Courage is grace under pressure.”

– Ernest Hemingway


crop-1_2“There’s nothing else like Elevate Yoga Trainings in the country and I was so privileged to share the afternoon with Jill and the Elevate teachers.

Sometimes we forget that teaching yoga is a powerful journey that gives us the opportunity to reach people really, really deeply.

Each class, each student, each moment counts.

Of course that is easily forgotten when we are teaching the 3rd class of the day and the 18th class of the week.

Thus the power of Jill, Elevate, and staying connected.”

– Dave Romanelli 


942939_10151649094340359_696302858_n“The Elevate experience is incomparable to any other teacher training I have attended. The structure of the program helped me define intentions behind my teaching, how and what I wanted to offer my students, and how to go about goal setting and make thing happen!

I am grateful for Jill’s warmth, guidance and mentorship. Her ability to give constructive, articulate feedback on all aspects of our teaching, as well as, offer support right when we needed it most, led to an overall rich experience.

The in depth studies were mind blowing and helped deepen and reaffirm my own passion for my practice. The list of incredible teachers we were exposed to and learned from was incomparable.

I entered the program feeling a little shaky after my 200hr training as to whether I really had what it takes to teach. Three months later I was teaching 4 classes a week to the people I most wanted to reach. My journey has blossomed and continued to grow since my Elevate training. I am grateful to have been a part if this amazing community.”

– Jodie Snyder

dsandoz“Elevate has been one of the most powerful things I’ve done for myself. It has cracked me open on so many important levels, while providing the structure and support to lovingly support me along the way. Jill’s journal assignments have been masterfully crafted and sequenced – you will find your edges, and that’s where the good stuff happens!

I had the pleasure of experiencing a one-on-one session with Jill. I haven’t met anyone as giving of themselves, their time, and their knowledge – an amazing opportunity to access all of her experience in a focused, personalized setting with that special Jill-style-love. Having found a like-minded group of travelers on this Elevate journey has been a wonderful addition to my world.”

-Danika Sandoz

nasello“The cool thing about Elevate is that you don’t have to be at the same level with the other yoga teachers. In fact, most of us are along different levels of proficiency in teaching. What Elevate does is get you to take what you’re already doing, and take it to the next level.

We’ve had some really good workshops covering topics like Chakra flows, adjustments, and teaching inversions. We have continuing opportunities to teach, and it’s awesome to geek out on yoga with other yoga teachers and get into things a little more deeply than just asana.

I feel that many of the things we work on, I’m able to immediately take it into my classes and put it to use. My Saturday morning class that I’ve been teaching for the past year has typically had about 5 or 6 people in it. Over the past couple months the class size has consistently been 10-15 students. I’ll certainly attribute Elevate with allowing me to bring greater energy, confidence, and power to my class.

Jill is fantastic, and I feel that Elevate has been a great investment in me!”

-Johnny Nasello

angie“Jill Knouse’s Elevate Program helped give me the confidence I needed to take my teaching to the next level! Jill brought in people who are top-notch in their field of expertise on a whole variety of topics.  She also made herself available and open to feedback, ideas and requests every step of the way! Through this amazing process, I have gained clarity and insight into my unique teaching style and how to let that shine through.  The journey continues and I feel greatly inspired, I’d recommend Elevate to anyone — no matter what level of teacher they believe themselves to be!”

-Angie Clark