consciousness, awareness, acceptance, change…GROWTH!


Has the thought of sharing the beautiful practice of yoga with others ever crossed your mind, tickled your fancy, stirred your soul? A change in your life trajectory could be on the horizon. Perhaps you’re feeling the call to dive into a deeper understanding of asana (the physical postures of yoga), the history, the philosophy…and you NEVER actually intend to teach a day in your life.

Whatever it is that lands YOU on your yoga mat day-after-day, Elevate Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training will fully support that, while also being a brick on the accelerator in the process of heightening awareness, directing a distracted mind, learning to live in the moment, learning more about what makes you tick, and ultimately cultivating greater harmony by using the powerful TOOLS of yoga. You’ll also learn to share these tools authentically and effectively, should you decide that teaching IS part of your dharma!

As you know, ‘practicing’ isn’t simply something we DO on the mat in a studio. Rather, it is WHO we are and HOW we are in relationship with ourselves, with our environment and with the rest of the world. What you’ll discover during Elevate will go far beyond anatomy and asana. We will expand ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Take yourself on a personal journey that will inspire, challenge, and empower you.

You can listen – by clicking below – to what our December 2018 graduates had to say about their recent experiences!

Here are five signs YOU just might be PRIMED for Elevate Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training!

You’re hungry to go deeper…
You’ve been devouring yoga classes for some time now. You really want to have a better understanding of the concepts in your teacher’s drop-in classes! You want to learn about the power of the energetic body, including the chakras. You want to understand the various techniques of pranayama or breath control. You definitely want to dive more deeply into the eight limbs, including the yamas and the niyamas. You’re curious about the bandhas, hindu deities, mantra, meditation, anatomy and physiology…there are so many topics you want to learn more about!

Elevate is wildly comprehensive, and is so much more than simply advancing your physical practice or nailing a handstand. You have already experienced the profound impact a regular yoga practice has had on your body, your mind, your nervous system, your life, your relationships and
you want to better understand the how’s and the why’s!

You can hardly hold back from sharing your passion with others…
Yoga has changed how you see the world, how you move through the world. You’re a die-hard believer in the countless benefits of this practice and you want to shout them ALL from the rooftops. Trust me, I feel you. This is exactly what led me to leave my corporate job in financial services and pursue “work” that felt more aligned with the LIFE I wanted to be LIVING. This is what led me to MY first teacher training thirteen years ago.

You’re ready to learn WAY more about yourself…
By immersing yourself in the study of yoga, you will learn more about how your mind and your body work together to create your reality. You’ll discover a greater understanding of who you are as an individual. You’ll learn how to deeply attune to your body, how to regulate your breath, and how to soften the fluctuations of the mind.

yoga chitta vritti nirodhah tada drashtuh svarupe vasthanam — sutra 1.2-1.3, yoga sutras of patanjali

Translation: Yoga seeks to still the fluctuations of the mind so that the true self can be revealed.

As we learn to be witness to our experiences, a paradigm seems to unfold: consciousness to awareness, awareness to acceptance, acceptance to change, change to growth.
Consciousness underlies all that is; awareness implies the “witness” or the observer; acceptance embraces non-judgment; change connotes conscious choice; and growth is a result of all of the preceding steps.

Growth is inevitable as we observe and awaken.

You’re ready to up-level your life…
Teacher training is a big commitment of your energy, time and finances. AND, as BIG commitments tend to go – this one will completely up-level your life. The things you will learn about yourself and how you interact with the world around you, will change the way you see just about everything. The things you learn will alter the way you DO just about everything.

You don’t know, till you know.
And, once you know, you can’t un-know. You know? ;)

You want to connect with a powerful, like-minded community? Done, and done!
One of the most wonderful parts of Elevate Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training (beyond our awesome crew of instructors!) is the incredible group of people who will be learning right alongside YOU.
We’ve seen it.
The relationships forged last long beyond our final savasana together…long beyond graduation.