Jill Knouse Yoga
August Update:  
Pausing classes just for a moment! 
For that last five months and as a donation-only offering we’ve enjoyed bunches of live-streamed yoga classes together. And, we raised some money along the way on behalf of both CampaignZero and the CoronaVirus Relief Fund. Thank you.
Classes will be on hold temporarily. Please take advantage of Jill’s YouTube channel and live-stream recordings.
Additional online content is forthcoming. Please stay-tuned.
 It’s all about community…
“I love the sense of community and connection. I love the feeling of ‘home’ that Jill’s classes offer especially while I am living so far away from Portland, in Spain. I love the familiarity of her style — having begun my practice with Jill over a decade ago. Plus, I love the mix of going deep and also flowing.” -Johanna C
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Stay safe.