Change is in the air…

Spring recently folded right into a smokin’ hot summer!

Mercury moved out of retrograde. Thank God!
Honestly, I don’t even really understand this whole phenomenon but, when things go haywire Mercury is usually to blame!

The 4th group of Elevate Yoga Trainings teachers graduated on May 17th.  It was once again a joy-filled, heart-centered, life-changing experience.
Take a few minutes to watch this VIDEO created by Cassie Goodluck!  Hear from the recent grads…

Working with yoga teachers to overcome fears, to challenge self-limiting beliefs, to inspire action, develop skills and build confidence is truly a passion of mine that continues to flourish.  And, since joining forces with my husband to focus our energies in this realm…well, let’s just say we are CHARGED with inspiration, excitement, ideas & projects!!!!!!

Here’s where my changes come in…

I’m taking a break from teaching public classes.  Soon, I will relinquish my weekly studio classes so that I can focus more on the projects that have Michael and me FIRED UP!

What’s to come from us…

Elevate Your Yoga Business Workshops, Programs & Retreats

VIP Coaching

Weekly Podcast Interviews with Successful Yoga Entrepreneurs

What to continue to expect from me on the yoga-front:

Elevate Yoga Trainings Winter 2016

“Pop-Up” Yoga classes at my beautiful Studio Define – Stay-tuned!

Adventure Yoga Retreats

Corporate Yoga Classes

Progressive Workshops

Private Group Events

Community Celebrations + Collaborations!


Change can be both exciting and scary, so I’ll find a little comfort in Rumi right now!

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.”  – Rumi

Deep Gratitude…
I feel so blessed to be a part of YoYoYogi’s incredible team of teachers.  This weekend I was at a party with Alex and Terri Cole and could barely hold back the tears when considering NOT teaching in that space. But, I will be there practicing fo’ sho’!
I have a couple more weeks of classes so please come see me!

I feel the same way about Yoga Pearl!  Karen Pride, Beth Harp, the teachers, the staff and the students are incredible. It’s a beautiful community.  At this point it’s lookin’ like I’ll continue to be at Yoga Pearl through July.

Thank you so much for reading and for being a huge part of our lives.

More community fun below!

Big love,

Jill & Michael

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