Can you feel THAT? Trust your guts and GO.

The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.
– Dan Stevens

I always think of this time of year as having such a sense of balance,
feeling the pulse of nature spilling into my psyche.

As Spring turns to Summer and the days and nights are of equal length, we come out of the darkness and chill of winter into an emerging state – the expansiveness of Spring.  We organically tip toe through waves of cool, then warm, then dry, then showers, under a sky that fills with rainbows…one step at a time toward the brightness and exuberance of Summer.

Today is the Summer Solstice.

It is the longest day of the year.

And, this day happens every single year.
Every year we reach a turning point and the days stop lengthening and begin shortening.

It’s deeply familiar and notably unique every year.

The personality is similar but the circumstances quite different.

For me, today feels quite different I’m not exactly sure why but I trust my intuition deeply.

As a yoga teacher for the last decade – I suppose “by definition” and certain standards I don’t tend to be super “woo-woo”, but I DO connect profoundly with energy and the cyclical essences of nature.

Today, feels like a significant turning point.
And, personally I’m going to leverage that.

You see, I believe that what we intend becomes.  What we believe to be mighty, we make mighty.
Today feels kind of MIGHTY.

What if we harnessed the energy when we sensed it’s power, gathered our dream-filled intentions and pushed them out into the universe?  What if we did that today?  I’m gonna.  Join me if you’d like.

I started a cleanse of sorts about a week ago.  I’m off sugar, I’m off cheese, I’m off the 2nd love of my life, WINE (my hubby, Michael, holds STRONG in 1st place there!)…anyway, so…I feel focused. I feel clear. I feel intentional. I’m observing patterns and behaviors closely.

I know I could choose to keep things the same.  It’s comfy.  But, what if I didn’t?  What new something might be born?  And you, what if you contemplated moving in a slightly new direction?  Or hell, turn the shit upside down if you’re ready.
But what if?

In an effort to be present, mindful and in a space of awareness on this special day…

Let’s connect with what is familiar and common.

While you do this, ask yourself:

What continues to show up in my life year over year and how is this serving me?
Do I want to see this habit, behavior, relationship, emotion – whatever it is – again next Summer Solstice?

Trust what you hear and simply let it marinate.
Do your best to circumvent judgment.
Do your best to soften any harsh internal dialogue.

Just observe with what is there.  Perhaps journal.

This is simply a practice of becoming aware, of becoming AWAKE.

“An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable.”
― Neville Goddard

Today, let’s also celebrate what feels new and curious.

While you do this, ask yourself:

What sensations do I feel in my body?
What feels burgeoning and is clearly trying to BECOME?

What is my life trying to do through me? 

And, what do I want to invite in RIGHT NOW?

Do your best to just allow.  Perhaps journal on what percolates…

Consider…what is asking to be released?
What is taking up space and ENERGY in YOU that is preventing something ELSE from growing?

What is searching for space, air, nourishment but is currently choked out by the old?


Today will be the longest day of our calendar year.
It is the Summer Solstice.
It is the day of the full moon.
It is a Strawberry Moon.
It is also just June 20th and you get to make it whatever you DESIRE.

Every day is a gift and some just have a little more significance than others…if you choose to believe.

What will you make of YOUR day?

“As the sun knows; even the sky is not the limit…”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru