what is your life trying to do through you?

    Yoga teacher training calls to each of us for such beautifully varied reasons.  When Lucy committed to Elevate Yoga Trainings she expressed that she didn’t necessarily want to teach yoga but she craved more knowledge and understanding around the practice she loved so much! Lucy graduated in December and has already registered with the Yoga Alliance so she can begin to share all that she’s learned with others!   Julie was entering a new phase in her life after raising a family. She felt ready to dive into her own passions and […]

living from the neck up…

My trip to India in December was a profound experience on pretty much EVERY level.  To this day, the degree to which I was touched and changed continues to land deep within me.  In other words, it’s marinating and the lessons are still revealing themselves. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life and I’ve even lived abroad for periods of time.  But, this trip felt very different.  It was emotionally charged and came at an interesting time in my life…when things have never felt quite so settled, happy and […]

happiness is an inside job

Um…well THAT was completely phenomenal!  Now, before we dive into blog post #4 on the awesomeness + transformation that is Radical Acceptance, here are just a few updates! Happy Camp was da bomb digitty.   I’m still buzzing from it all!  You know, life gets busy and we can forget how necessary it is TO GO OUT AND PLAY.  What an awesome reminder of the power of dancing, singing, playing, getting dirty!, laughing, sweating, eating yummy food, drinkin’ pink wine, disconnecting from our norms and connecting with truly badass people.  It also totally reinforced the idea of ‘what we intend, becomes.’  Jessi Duley and […]

…desperately seeking “querencia”!!!

First of all, thank you for being a part of this journey with me and so many others.  This is the third blog post in a powerful series focused on Radical Acceptance.  Following each post, I’ve been receiving emails, texts + Facebook messages on how this work is already having a tremendous impact.  People are reporting many “a-ha moments” and shifts in perspective as we work together to rewire some internal cords that have gotten crossed, knotted-up, stuck together and even a little frayed!  We all know that life is a twisty-turny, up and downhill road […]

…Living In A Snow Globe

If you didn’t catch last week’s blog on this beautiful topic of Radical Acceptance, please find it HERE!                       image by Steve Rosenfield, What I Be Project As I continue reading Tara Brach’s book, Radical Acceptance, it’s as if she’s writing about my life.  It’s as if she knows my little secrets around fear, shame, doubt and . . . oooooooh . . . self-hatred but those words feel SO harsh that it twinges my heart.  Let me soften it – in an effort […]

It’s time for radical acceptance, y’all…join me.

In my meditation this morning (which didn’t last long due to some percolating emotions!), I started by silently breathing in the word “so” and then breathing out the word “hum.” It’s a mantra meditation that we used often in India, and I find it so calming and heart-centering. Inhale “so,” exhale “hum.” The simple words meaning, “I am that.” And then, came the tears. I talk a lot in my yoga classes about remembering who we are underneath all our stories of perceived imperfection, not-enoughness, plus an overall feeling of not being […]