yoga + healing

Hello Sweet, Amazing Friends,   Thank you for being out in the world.  I love you.   Since my last newsletter, there’s been a whole lot going on.  You may have learned via other means…still, I’ll give a brief update here.On March 8th, just 5 days after running my first marathon, a doctor of radiology uttered these words in my direction while pointing to a screen, “I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you what I’m seeing right here appears to be cancer.”    A biopsy AND four days […]

milestones, new moons and marley

HELLO!    So, last time I wrote to you I shared a few things that I had shifted in my life during 2018. This time I want to shout it from the rooftops.     Because, we just don’t know till we know. Specifically, we don’t know how strong we are until we are forced to dig deep.  I will write more on this in my next newsletter.  I hope you’ll stay-tuned… For now… One year ago, I felt a call to get even stronger than I already felt in mind, in body, in SOUL.  […]

consciousness, awareness, acceptance, change…GROWTH!

  Has the thought of sharing the beautiful practice of yoga with others ever crossed your mind, tickled your fancy, stirred your soul? A change in your life trajectory could be on the horizon. Perhaps you’re feeling the call to dive into a deeper understanding of asana (the physical postures of yoga), the history, the philosophy…and you NEVER actually intend to teach a day in your life. Whatever it is that lands YOU on your yoga mat day-after-day, Elevate Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training will fully support that, while also being […]

from wounds to wisdom and messes to messages

  Happy New Year   I hope this finds you doing so well.   2018 has officially come to a close and while that’s somewhat arbitrary, I do like to use the end of each year as an opportunity to reflect.  To see where I’ve been, to recognize how far I’ve come or receded, to sit with where I am, to wonder about where I want to go next with my relationships, my sense of self, how I show up in the world, my work, all the things.  And, we all have […]

road rage and rose-colored glasses

Do I live in rose-colored glasses?    I don’t think so.  Perhaps some of the time? I do, however, believe that we humans are inherently good.  I believe we aspire to do our best with what we know at a given point in time.   I mean, I don’t do ‘it’ right all the time…that’s for damn sure.  I want to, and then things get messy…‘cause fear…‘cause hurt…‘cause past experiences…‘cause triggers…and rather than reacting the way I hope my forty-nine year old self would, the nine year old child in there rears her […]

teaching yoga is easy

“Once you have the formula down, teaching yoga is easy.” – not my quote A friend and yoga teacher (whom I love and respect) said this to me once. Huh.  Teaching yoga is easy. Honestly, I felt minimized.  And, that’s my problem, for sure.  Especially since I didn’t choose to get clarification or discuss exactly what she meant…rather I just banked that comment to revisit it whenever I was spending hours creating a class or workshop and thinking, This is NOT easy. Why isn’t this easy? This was not personal but it […]