Autumnal Equinox…

The sun sits lower in the sky now…


The days recede and the nights expand.

Green leaves are taking on a tinge of gold and hints of burnt orange. Some, plucked from limb, begin their dance with the wind, chasing each other this way, that way, catching an updraft and finally succumbing to gravity and gracefully descending to the earth below.

All signs of time.

All signs of transition.

Natures’s rhythm is relaxing and reassuring. The seasons will always change and that is a powerful reminder that change is inevitable. There is great beauty and power in change and in surrendering to the call. I believe that our deep connection with nature helps us feel more aligned with our truest selves, more integrated with our deepest strengths if we can let go and fall into the flow.

“As summer exhales her last warm breath, the faint cool breeze of autumn arrives on the inhale. It appears on the edges of the day during the portals of dawn and dusk, the coolness like bookends on an otherwise hot day, a gentle intimation that one season is ending and another is beginning. The exuberance of summer begins to bow out as the introspection of autumn takes center stage.

Seen through the lens of transitions, each season can guide us into deeper layers of ourselves. Where winter signals a slow silence, spring awakens an inner rebirth, and summer celebrates the fullness of our joy, autumn invites us to turn inward and shed what no longer serves us.

Everything about autumn invites introspection and letting go.” by Sheryl Paul, MA

Ask yourself the foremost question of the season…

What is it time to let go of?