Jill Knouse

About Jill


Sweat & soul, wisdom & levity, artistry & inquiry seem to weave together effortlessly in the yoga experiences Jill creates. This emerges from fourteen years of teaching, over five years as a practicing massage therapist, countless deep explorations into the practices of yoga (including study in India) and also from simply walking through life with all its ups and downs. Jill’s recent journey through and to the other side of breast cancer has left her thriving and even more motivated to bring the healing practices to others. She believes wholeheartedly that yoga prepares us to ride the waves of life with grace. During her most challenging times, she has been profoundly supported by the tools of yoga. 

Jill has led upwards of twenty retreats around the globe over the past decade. In addition, through her creation of Elevate Yoga Trainings in 2012, she has supported countless yoga teachers in sharing these practices directly from their hearts. She recognizes the value of being flexible, cultivating balance and understanding alignment through asana practice. Even more importantly, she recognizes how crucial these principles are to our lives and to our living. Jill’s ongoing fascination with the human spirit — its resiliency and strength — keeps her inspired, learning, expanding and always integrating. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom in an honest, grounded way. It is a mission of Jill’s to encourage students to pause, to recognize what’s present and to cultivate both mental and physical fortitude.