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Almost nothing lights me up more than sharing the beauty of Vinyasa yoga with others.This delicious flowing sequence of postures linked together with breath leads students down a path toward steadiness, strength, balance, flexibility and overall well-being in both mind and body…

Elevate Yoga

Elevate provides yoga teachers with a powerful combination of personalized coaching, customized workshops, lectures, effective, practical, hands-on training, peer group sessions taught & facilitated by Jill Knouse. Hone in on what makes you & your teaching style unique!

Positive Vibes

Jill is pioneering the path for fellow yogis and instructors to help develop and discover their own journeys and it’s unprecedented. Her training sessions are for people who have taken a passion, skills & energy & don’t know exactly what’s next.

-Justin S, Yoga Instructor, Portland, OR


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Phone: (503) 703-5830

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